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Friction Wheel Introduction Table with Vacuum Assistance

The introduction process is one of the most critical stages in the box conversion process, as it demands controlled acceleration of the sheet from its resting position until it reaches the processing speed, ensuring perfect synchronization with the rest of the machine.

For some years now, vacuum-assisted wheel introducers have become the standard for all new equipment. Today, this system is the most recognized and successful in the cardboard market, making it the most requested technological upgrade for machines in the cardboard sector that do not have this technology.



At Acorsys, we offer you the upgrade of this technology for most corrugated cardboard machines in the market in an agile, simple, and cost-effective way.

  • Significant Reduction in Register Variations, Even at High Speeds.
  • Increased Tolerance to Warping or Curving of Cardboard Sheets.
  • Minimal System Maintenance
  • Reduced Downtime.
  • Simple Handling and Quick Learning Curve.
  • Increase Equipment Value for Potential Sale.
  • Quick Amortization. Rapid return on investment due to increased productivity and waste reduction.


The system comprises the friction wheel table, which can have 3 or 4 rows of wheels accelerated and stopped by a servo motor. It includes the lifting and lowering mechanism of the grid, driven by a servo motor, which synchronizes with the wheels when in contact with the cardboard. Additionally, the suction fan is included to adhere the sheet to the wheels, and the gate system is integrated to adjust to the sheet's width.



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Acorsys Project

Flexo Folder Gluer Massensana 62”x3600 Wheel Introducer Retrofit

Replacement of the Vacuum Plate Introduction System with a New Friction Wheel System Synchronized with Grid Movement, Both Driven by Servo Motors. Set of 4 Rows of Wheels for Working with Triple Cardboard.



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