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What cardboard machinery and retrofit solutions does Acorsys offer for the cardboard industry?

At Acorsys, we have an engineering department specialized in retrofits for the corrugated cardboard converting industry, with the experience and knowledge to advise our customers on increasing their business opportunities. This includes the latest available technologies to enhance the functionality of machinery used in the cardboard sector, providing a quick return on investment at very competitive prices.
Furthermore, at Acorsys, we can provide you with custom machinery developed based on the experience we have gained over the years working with our clients.
Finally, if you are looking for a more precise solution, Acorsys designs special equipment for the cardboard sector.  

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What are the custom cardboard machines?

Acorsys has two product lines that can be customized in various configurations depending on the customer's specifications.

  • Advance Bundle Line: Peripheral equipment with numerous combinations at the output of converting equipment to automate the production.
  • Advance Boxes Line: This includes flexo folder gluers (FFG) machines, stackers, and stacker-counters.


What type of special equipment can Acorsys manufacture?

We develop innovative, custom technical solutions for clients, allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the cardboard sector.
At Arcosys, we have an extensive network of international clients to whom we provide services aimed at enhancing productivity and product quality related to machinery in the cardboard industry.
Some of our completed projects:

  • Large-format triple-quadruple cardboard sheet gluer (2.5x5 meters).
  • Squaring unit with independent motor for triple-layer cardboard.
  • Edge gluer for paper coil.
  • Special box assembling machine.


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What is the retrofit of cardboard machinery?

The term retrofit refers to the modification of existing machinery through products that enable the enhancement of its functions.
In this way, if the customer has invested in an FFG (flexo folder gluer) or other machinery in the cardboard sector over a medium-term period and wishes to increase its performance or add features, our engineers study the case and implement the necessary improvements.
This improvement not only increases the performance and extends the lifespan of the machinery but also, in the event of considering its sale, its market value will be enhanced by the newly acquired features.


What machines can I retrofit?

Our engineers have experience in making improvements for all types of brands, including several of the most prominent ones such as EMBA, Tecasa, Sinhosun, Srpack.
Our retrofit services can be applied to various machinery in the cardboard sector, such as the flexo folder gluer (FFG) line, flat die-cutting machines, or rotary die-cutting machines (RDC).

What types of retrofit does Acorsys offer?

We offer two types of retrofit for cardboard machines:

  • Standard: Often requested by various clients for the aforementioned brands (EMBA, Srpack, Tecasa).
  • Customized: For clients seeking a tailored service to maximize benefits and obtain a solution that meets their specific needs.

In the standard retrofit and custom retrofit sections for cardboard machinery, you can find real cases carried out by our Acorsys engineers. Explore the work undertaken and the outcomes of the machinery renewal.
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