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Vacuum Transfer in Printers

Vacuum Transfer in Printers through Wheel Drawer and Counterpart Roller Driven by Kinematics or Independent Servo Motor with Transmission to the Wheels, with Thickness Adjustment and Centrifugal Suction Fan.

In conventional cardboard machinery with pair roller traction, it is necessary to crush the sheet for effective traction, and even then, this does not guarantee precise color transfer.

Moreover, the crushed surfaces do not receive ink, and to achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to use trimming.

Finally, when inline colors are not in use, the use of traction bands is required, leading to significantly increased changeover times.



Transferring sheets without grippers or traction bands represents an improvement in box parameters.

  • Improved Mechanical Strength.
  • Better Printing Quality.
  • Improved Register Precision.
  • Elimination of Trimming.
  • On-Site Installation.

We can upgrade your cardboard machinery with this technology, increasing productivity and improving print quality with a high return on investment ratio.

The system consists of the wheel drawer and counterpart roller, which can be driven by kinematics or an independent servo motor. Additionally, it includes: the thickness adjustment mechanism, the centrifugal suction fan to adhere the sheet to the wheels, the gate system to adjust to the sheet width, and the overall control.


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Acorsys Project

Retrofit Cavifes Printer


  • Replacement of the Introduction System with a New Friction Wheel Table Driven by Servo Motors.
  • Replacement of Printers' Grippers with Vacuum Transfer System in Four Printers.
  • Replacement of Main Motor and Complete Kinematics with High-Strength and Precision Gears.

These modifications have allowed for a 40% increase in the machine's maximum speed and a reduction in register variation from ±3 mm to ±0.5 mm. In conclusion, more production with higher quality.



Engineering Company Specializing in Retrofit of Industrial Machinery in the Cardboard Sector
+34 943 22 55 64
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