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Vacuum transfer for Printers

Transfer process without pulling rolls

The Acorsys Vacuum Transfer Package is an easy to install and very reliable unit that can be incorporated to any bottom printing flexo unit.


This interesting RETROFIT brings the following advantages:

  • Pull rolls are eliminated.
  • No pulling strips will be needed while the unit is not being used.
  • The vacuum transfer of the board is only the one applied by the printing plate.
  • The high friction wheels of our system require minimum maintenance.


The upper filtering unit maximizes the elimination of dust and is reliable and very easy to clean.

Top quality bearings together with hardened and grounded shafts guarantee the long-term accuracy of the unit. High accuracy timing belts are used for the mechanical drive of the unit and are easy to change for maintenance purposes.

The design of the thickness adjustment mechanism, with an encoder, allows a level of accuracy of 0,1 mm / 0,004”. This is extremely important for the kiss touch concept in printing. Based on the size of the sheet being processed, a different suction area will be enabled with pneumatic dampers.

As an option for a total DUST ELIMINATION, the exhaust air is conducted directly to a standalone filtering system located beside the line to eliminate any possible contamination of the printing process.

Acorsys can update your equipment with this technology to obtain the best register results, increasing the productivity and improving print quality with high return on the investment.

The installation can be done in your own factory or in one of our repair shops.