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Automatic Ink System and Wash-Up

At Acorsys, we possess the knowledge and technology to transform any ink system into an efficient and functional unit that reduces ink costs and changeover times while improving washing results.

The ink system incorporates a pneumatic double-diaphragm pump system to propel ink to the anilox roller and suction for the ink's return to the bucket.

The ink system features an automatic washing cycle that ensures consistently good results, enabling a rapid return on investment by saving on:

  • Reduced Ink Changeover Time.
  • Improvement in Wash-Up Quality.
  • Ink and Water Savings.


The system consists of: commercial bucket lid, ink pump, valves, hoses, pipes, and all accessories.

As a complement to this retrofit for the corrugated cardboard machine, Acorsys recommends the installation of a double doctor blade closed chamber system.


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Industrial Machinery Retrofit Diagram in the Packaging Sector

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