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Ink system and automatic washing

with pneumatic controlled valves

ACORSYS has the knowledge and technology to convert any ink system into an efficient, reliable and cost-effective unit. We can install on each print unit, a new inking and wash up system based on pneumatic controlled valves together with the needed software for the activation of each required preprogrammed routine.


An interesting number of advantages come up with the installation of one ACORSYS INK SYSTEM, from which the most important is the following: This extremely efficient unit will allow the print unit where it is installed, to run a wash up cycle while the line is running, and the unit is not printing.

The ACORSYS INK SYSTEM includes a full modification of the ink pans in order to guarantee that the ink or waste water remaining in the system will be less than 350 ml / 0,08 gallons. Very efficient anilox roll wash up enlarges the roll’s life.

ACORSYS can install this system on any top or bottom printing machine. In addition to this retrofit, ACORSYS recommends the installation of a twin-blade chamber doctor system.