Engineering Company Specializing in Retrofit of Industrial Machinery in the Cardboard Sector
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Machinery Transportation and Logistics for the Cardboard Industry

At Acorsys, we offer our customers the best international machinery transportation management service in the cardboard industry.

Our technicians determine on-site the type and quantity of resources required to minimize transportation and risks in shipping machinery to its destination, considering transportation limitations and characteristics across the five continents. Furthermore, due to the characteristics of cardboard machinery, our team has gained extensive experience in international specialized transportation management.

We perform the loading and stowage of equipment using our own procedures to ensure the preservation and condition of the machinery, whether in land transportation or international maritime transportation. The securing and preservation elements comply with international transportation regulations, as indicated in the documentation.

Finally, each project we undertake is accompanied by a detailed loading report to document in images the specifics of equipment distribution, stowage, and preservation, as well as to provide instructions for unloading the equipment.


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Empresa de ingeniería especialista en retrofit de maquinaria industrial del sector del cartón
+34 943 22 55 64
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