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Register Control for Printers, Slotter, and Die-Cutter

Register control for printers, slotter, and die-cutter, including satellite differential kinematics and digital control. Register control is a crucial parameter when manufacturing high-quality boxes. Over time, gears can experience wear and play, causing issues with the accuracy of register in your printers, slotter, and/or die-cutter.
Acorsys can design and supply a control set consisting of:

  • Gears for the satellite differential on the axis to be controlled.
  • Reducer motor with encoder and the control system for easy installation on printer, slotter, and die-cutter units.


  • Improves mechanical robustness and precision by eliminating wear and play.
  • Enables electronic register control through the use of a high-resolution encoder directly connected to the reducer driving the system.
  • The mechanism is entirely composed of tempered and ground gears, high hardness, and the highest manufacturing precision.
  • Improves register position control.
  • Simplifies tasks during changeovers.

As a complement to this retrofit for cardboard machinery, we recommend the retrofit for automatic positioning of slotter tools and arms in the folder-gluer.


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