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Register control for printers, slotters and die cutters

Combination of mechanical accuracy and electronic control

Register control for printers, slotters and die cutter machines, including kinematics with satellite differential and digital control. Register is a very important parameter when manufacturing quality boxes. Over time, the gears present wear and clearance, causing problems for the register accuracy of their printers, slotter and / or die cutter.

Acorsys can design and supply a control set composed of:

  • Gears of the differential by satellites.
  • Motor reducer with encoder and control system to be easily installed in printers, slotters and die cutters.


  • Improves mechanical robustness and precision by eliminating wear and clearance.
  • Enables the register electronic control by using a high-resolution encoder directly connected to the gear box that drives the system.
  • The mechanism is composed entirely of hardened and ground gears, very resistant and precisely manufactured.
  • Improves register control.
  • Simplifies the tasks during order changes.

As a complement to this retrofit, ACORSYS recommends the automatic positioning of slotter tools and folding arms retrofit as well.