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Engineering solutions for cardboard industry

ACORSYS is an engineering company with international presence focused on the development of machinery, technological products and services for the packaging sector, consisting of a team of engineers and technicians with proven experience specialized in the technology for the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes, paper, cardboard and folding carton industries.

ACORSYS is located in San Sebastian, in the Basque country, Spain, a very well known region due its great industrial tradition in machinery and the paper industry.

ACORSYS has its origin in the technical, design and manufacturing team of TECASA who built Flexo Folder Gluers for production of corrugated boxes. In 2010 the company ACORSYS was created to provide technical support to the companies belonging to OVERSYS group and to meet the demand for technical solutions in order to improve productivity and quality in the manufacturing process of cardboard boxes.

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